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im still not sorry

Your tragic end, is my beautiful beginning

rushes to my fingertips
as i write this
page of my life
to show how proud i am
of how far i've fallen

from you
from him
the "friends," the lies,
the secrets, back-stabbings
ethe crazed sensation that comes
from the oppression of
your own wants, needs,
to be closer to you
to be your Best Friend?

popularity? Ha
what can this matter?
for so few can live in such a small circle
and my circle, no
my bubble
will grow, flourish, once
i cut you out of it
for good.

And i am sick and tired
of being the weirdo!
goth, drama queen, dork,
whore, Freak,
riding up like the lone cow-girl
on the outskirts of town
branded the outsider

and so, because you
pushed me away,
you will feel the emptiness that
i felt
you will crave the attention that
i gave
because i was obsessed with you
but not
in a wacked out lover,
psychotic stalker kind of way
oh no, but in the sense
of a true friendship, one
that you have yet to find, one
you cannot comprehend

And i am free
of the heavenly image
of hell you have painted
to continually lure me back
to this point of subordination, know,
that i am freed of you
and this chess game for
once all have been tossed away, you
will need those pawns
like myself, that you, so carelessly wasted.
to protect the shadow of
a worthless queen, better identified
as yourself

your insecurities
so ugly, and so brutal,
hidden so well by your articulate manner
will not escape the eye of such
as CSI, and the once proud Zeus
will finally fall so that this
Hades will rule all!

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